Lincoln Electric becomes a core member of CharIN

The Lincoln Electric Company is pleased to announce it is a member of CharIN

The Lincoln Electric Company is pleased to announce that it is now a Core member of CharIN, recognizing the importance of CharIN’s contribution and standing in the EV market place.  CharIN’s commitment to growing the performance of the EV Charging network through interoperability testing and bringing OEM’s and EVSE suppliers together for the benefit of all, is a key value driver for the future – a future that Lincoln Electric will be part of.

The Lincoln Electric Company is making a multi-million dollar investment in expanding its product offering to include EVSE charging equipment, building on its already impressive presence as the world’s largest welding company and reputation for manufacturing ultra-reliable power sources for the welding equipment market.  As a total solutions company, Lincoln Electric partners with its customers to bring not only the best equipment to market, but world class service and a true commitment to customer success that benefits everyone along the value chain.

With more than 75% domestic content, Lincoln Electric chargers are truly “Made in the USA”.

The company that makes the world’s toughest welders is now manufacturing the world’s toughest DCFC chargers!

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Published on: 04/20/2023

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