L-CHARGE becomes a regular member of CharIN

L-CHARGE is a young and ambitious company, which makes an ULTRAfast EV charges.

By joining CharIN L-Charge is hoping to broaden its network of partners among the wide range of stakeholders in the green transport industry. It is very important now, when energy prices are soaring, to promote further transition to a carbon free transportation. It is a common responsibility for all the market players. Together with CharIN and its members, L-Charge could make a greater impact on the market, while providing the stakeholders from both private business and state authorities with their powerful solutions.

L-Charge is a young and ambitious company, which makes ULTRAfast charges for EVs. The company is basen in the UK. The company develops and manufactures unique (so far) off-grid chargers that are able to produce energy on-site using multiple clean fuels (LNG, CNG, hydrogen) and charge EV simultaneously. Basically, every charger is also an autonomous mini-power plant. L-Charge proudly tells of its mobile EV-charger – a van-based charger that can be called up as a taxi to any place to deliver super fast charging service. The first commercial network is to be launched in London later in early May 2022.

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Published on: 03/29/2022