IAV becomes a regular member of CharIN

IAV is a leading technology and engineering company. From a hardware-based product to the software-defined vehicle – we are driving the automotive transition.

IAV is one of the leading technology and engineering partners to the automotive industry. We are developing innovative concepts, methods, and solutions for the digital and sustainable mobility of the future. In doing so, we are integrating the best of different worlds: Automotive and IT, hardware and software as well as product and services. Besides vehicle and propulsion system development, IAV has long been focusing on e-mobility and autonomous driving and today is among the leading technology providers in these fields.

We always keep a close eye on the overall e-mobility system – from the vehicle to the charging infrastructure and integration into the smart energy grid. It is essential to utilize power grids more evenly with intelligent and flexible charging control for e-vehicle fleets, also to bolster the energy transition. To this end, IAV is developing smart technical solutions for the entire EV charging ecosystem and backs efforts to promote in the realm of charging systems.

For example, IAV’s cloud-based software “Swarm IQ Charge & Load” helps e-vehicle fleet operators to optimize their charge management and avoid costly power peaks, thus helping companies in logistics, car sharing, deliveries and other services achieve greater operational efficiency. Because our expertise goes far beyond the automobile itself, we as IAV are confident we can do both – contribute to and benefit from membership in the CharIN e.V. association.

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Published on: 01/08/2024

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