i-charging presented blueberryTM: first range of fast chargers in October 2020

The launch was made at an international online event, for a vast number of guests worldwide. The event is available on our website and Youtube channel.

Porto, February 3, 2021 - blueberryTM is the first fast charger to hit the market with power between 50 kW and 600 kW, featuring three possible configurations: blueberry, blueberry PLUS and blueberry CLUSTER.

This solution allows charging all vehicles currently in circulation, as well as those that will be launched by brands in the future with batteries up to 1000 V.

Pedro Moreira da Silva, CEO of i-charging, says: “This new range of fast chargers is disruptive in the current market offer, and covers all vehicle segments, light and heavy. It is, for us, a reason for great pride, with only one year of existence, to be able to present this differentiating solution in a market in constant evolution”.

The blueberryTM range is based on dynamicblueTM technology, which responds to existing needs on the market, allowing sequential and simultaneous charging, as well as an unlimited number of outputs through the dynamic allocation of energy to each output. This technology developed by i-charging has been patented.

This innovative product also includes a new cable management system, also patented, that easily expands and retracts as needed by the user a 4.7-meter-long cable that thus allows the user to effortlessly reach farther positions of the vehicle connector.

blueberryTM chargers come equipped with a 32-inch screen that allows intuitive interaction, revolutionizing the user experience. In addition to the charging information, the large touch screen allows to have promotional videos or any other multimedia content. The system will be supported by the blueberryApp, which facilitates the configuration of a wide number of parameters, such as the limit or time of the charge, the amount to spend, the form of payment, also giving access to vast information about the charging session to be carried out on blueberryTM chargers.

This year the first models in the new range will be certified first for the European market and after for the American market.

blueberryTM fast charger