Hutchinson becomes a regular member of CharIN

Hutchinson has become a member of the Charging Interface Initiative e. V., with the belief that this collective work will permit to develop & deploy innovative wireless charging systems.

Hutchinson is a global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing technologies. Our innovations cover a wide range of expertise and demanding markets, from automotive and aerospace to defense, energy, rail and industry. With 40,000 employees in 25 countries, we generated revenues of €3.800 billion in 2020.

Our main goal is guaranteeing the comfort and safety of all Hutchinson customers, to meet their most challenging requirements in new & sustainable mobility.

In other words, our teams can design customized materials and integrated solutions for each customer and our achievements in one market can be transferred to others through Hutchinson synergies, to answer e-mobility challenges.

We are committed to develop innovative charging systems, as one of our strategic axes. Within the product portfolio Hutchinson proposes on e-mobility applications, we have produced emitter pads for inductive dynamic charging, which have been installed on several pilot roads and are currently under demonstration.

In order to continue our developments for interoperable wireless receiver-pads for BEV’s, we are convinced being part of the Charin working groups will give us the opportunity to participate in the creation of new specifications, to enable the introduction of wireless power transfer on larger scale.

We will work, as part of the whole value chain of charging within CharIN, to make this alliance an innovative and successful partnership.

Together, let’s make mobility sustainable.

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Published on: 01/20/2022

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