grivix becomes a core member of CharIN

We power emobility! grivix’s autonomous megawatt charging system for heavy-duty and off-road electrical vehicles charges in 10 mins, fully autonomously, conveniently, and safe.

Grivix provides the technology that enables heavy-duty electric vehicles to charge not only fully autonomously, but at speeds faster than diesel refueling!

Through our strong R&D department and partners, we are creating the technology and products that will enable our customers in the automotive, marine and aviation industries to have a seamless and very fast electric charging experience without any human interaction.

We are committed to contributing to the transition to sustainable, carbon-free, comfortable and safe mobility.

At Grivix, we believe that only the combined efforts of all industry stakeholders can lead to a more rapid transition to greener mobility and help achieve the goals of the fight against climate change as well as broader global development goals.

CharIN is the best possible platform for this, as it has a proven track record in helping the industry quickly reach consensus on alignment. We appreciate CharIN's core values, collaborative approach and commitment to change, and we want to join the effort and contribute our expertise and innovative technologies to accelerate the transition to greener mobility.

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Published on: 07/06/2023

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