Gireve becomes a core member of CharIN

Gireve is the leading digital platform for e-mobility offering consulting, data, roaming services with Plug & Charge and smart charging features.

Gireve is now a core member of the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. Association (CharIN) to support the development of EV charging infrastructure at a large scale.

Gireve and CharIN have already been working hand in hand on several projects, among which a successful Plug & Charge demonstration at the end of November 2022. Gireve provided the ecosystem services for certificate exchange and signing in CharIN’s V2G PKI test.

“We are eager to work further with CharIN. They are a key neutral body in the industry, and we share their objective: building a fair and robust market to enable a lasting and massive development of Plug & Charge.”
Margaux Vandeville, Plug and Charge Director

About Gireve

Gireve is a provider of digital solutions to foster eMobility, such as eRoaming market solutions. Gireve Connect place is a unique marketplace hosting thousands of contracts between players from 32 countries.

Gireve processes millions of transactions with support for contract agreements, IT connection and daily technical operations.

Along time Gireve has extended the scope of its market solutions to Plug and Charge and other fields of transactions/intermediation.

Gireve is also a massive data aggregator based on more than 100 million yearly charging sessions. At the heart of the exchanges, Gireve has been aggregating, processing and enriching data on charging station installation and usage for more than 10 years to offer B2B services that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Gireve’s dedication to the providing of advanced market solutions, combined with its data insights, have led the company to deliver added value consultancy services to Mobility and Energy players from all continents.

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Published on: 02/13/2023

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