GENIS Korea becomes a regular member of CharIN

GENIS Korea Co., Ltd. (thereinafter referred as “GENIS”) is heartly pleased to be a member of CharIN from the 1st of January, 2021.

GENIS has started its own business in April 2018 as a start-up company with a great vision to be one of global leaders that develops advanced and innovated solutions in the segment of EV battery network system. In this regard, GENIS aims to contribute towards the integration of the global energy network based on CCS and participate in Conformance Test User Group to find a solution to improve interoperability of ISO15118.

In the last three years, GENIS has built on the solid business foundation in the area of EV battery solutions by successfully launching various products such as SECC, EVCC, BMS and EV Testing Tools to many different customers in Korea and expects to expand its business segment to battery package system in 2021. In the financial points of view, GENIS achieved 71% CAGR in the last three years and expects to continue such a big growth in 2021 by achieving double revenue from the year before.

In the meantime, GENIS had very successful business relations with Korean customers such as Hyundai Motor Co., Hyundai Mobis, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), Korea Electric Power Cooperation (KEPCO) and other EV or EV charger manufacturers.

GENIS makes a constant effort to provide fully validated economic Charging Solution to boost customer value:

  • SECC: Charging SECC module is PLC modem for EVSE based on ISO15118 standard.

  • EVCC: Charging EVCC module is PLC modem for EV based on ISO15118 standard and expended to AUTOSAR and ISO26262.

  • Monitoring Tools: a device to monitor and analyze the communication message between EV and EVSE

  • EV & EVSE Simulator:  a device to simulate EV or EVSE, able to provide very various testing mode by modifying EV charging sequence, timing, massage parameters etc.

  • ISO15118 Software Stack: GENIS applies the newest or updated version of Charging Standard for GENIS own Software stack

  • OCPP: GENIS OCCP library provides OCPP2.0 Server & Client

  • Other EVSE Solution: EVSE control board, HMI & accessories etc.

  • Battery Solution (2021 New Project): under developing BMS (Battery Management System) for UAM of Hyundai Motor Co and BMS for Electric Vehicles & Ships

GENIS is very young and small but has a very qualified and capable engineering group with more than 10 years of R&D experience in networks, protocol, security, testing devices, BMS and other battery solution related areas. Furthermore, GENIS has the accumulated experience to take parts in many joint projects for EV charging system with National Research Center, EV Makers and other public or private research institutes in Korea.

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Published on: 03/16/2021