Eugen Forschner GmbH becomes a regular member of CharIN

As a long time specialist of power routing and distribution Eugen Forschner is playing an active role in developing the new standards of mobility.

As a family owned company in the south of Germany the Eugen Forschner GmbH was founded in 1948. During the whole history of the company, we were always one of the pioneers in new technologies. Due to this mentality Forschner was one of the first supplier of cabling system, SCR systems and of Power Distribution Units of High- and Low Voltage.

In the last years Forschner became a well known supplier for power routing and distribution in every kind and every volume of electrical vehicles. If tailor made solution or modular approaches are needed, Forschner will be able to offer solutions due to the demands of our customers.

Besides of the business with a complete PDU system, Forschner is also setting its focus on internal components to support and improve the current standards, e.g. with passive components to support heat dissipation or intelligent Interlock systems to reduce the effort of finding the disruption or missing HV-plug in your vehicle system.

Forschners motivation is to make a significant contribution with our products to support the environmentally friendly mobility.

As a result of this motivation, we want to play an active role in developing the new standards of charging infrastructure technologies with all members of CharIN e.V. by supporting them with our long time experience of eMobility. The sustainable change towards environmentally friendly mobility can only succeed in a network of the best specialists. We believe that together with the members of CharIn e.V. we can make a significant contribution to this.

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Published on: 01/21/2022

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