eMobility ChargePlayback – Replay of recorded measurement data

comemso has developed eMobility ChargePlayback, a software that extracts stored data sets from man-in-the-middle log files. With the obtained data, the PLC communication of real electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations (EVSE) can be emulated.

There are now many millions of charging stations in the field. These are from different manufacturers with different hardware and software versions and are also constantly maintained and updated. Likewise, there are numerous manufacturers of electric vehicles, with different models, versions, firmware revisions, etc. Testing interoperability is thus becoming more complex and extensive every year. It is not always just the latest versions of electric vehicles and charging stations that are needed to ensure compatibility. For customer satisfaction and the success of e-mobility, every charging station should ideally be compatible with every electric vehicle of all versions.

The eMobility ChargePlayback allows in a fast and cost-effective way to cross-check countless extracted measurement data sets with its products without them being real on site. It can be communicated in two directions:

  • Towards EV: When playing back recorded EVSE PLC data, the communication of a charging station previously saved as a log file is sent to the electric vehicle via the comemso EV Charger Analyzer/Simulator. This allows testing how the real EV reacts to the previously recorded charging station.

  • Towards EVSE: When playing back recorded EV PLC data, the stored communication of an electric vehicle is sent via comemso EVCA to a real charging station under test to check its behavior.

The data sets are compatible with the extensive EV Charger Analyzer/Simulator product family from comemso. Due to the backward compatibility also older, already archived log files can be used for the measurement data extraction and can be replayed without detours or conversion!

The ChargePlayback function is covered by an existing maintenance contract for a comemso EV Charger Analyzer/Simulator, so there are no additional costs.

Block diagram
Replay of recorded EVSE data
Replay to recorded EV data

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Published on: 04/27/2021