Elonroad becomes a core member of CharIN

Elonroad takes charge of the transport sector, propelling it towards sustainability with on-the-go EV charging.

Elonroad is a booming startup company that develops and manufactures conductive charging systems for all types of electric vehicles. The company is driven by the visionary ambition to become a major player in the transition towards electric mobility. By joining the CharIN network, a renown non-profit organisation focusing on electric charging standards, Elonroad will be able to accelerate the industrial transition more effectively. The partnership signals quality and forward-thinking, pushing the boundaries of electrified transportation together.

“Without proper standards any industrial product is just another pipe dream - we are intent on levelling the playing field for the tools our societies so desperately need to bring about a sustainable electrified future. “
Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO Elonroad

Elonroad has committed themselves to revolutionise no less than the entire road transport sector by introducing road-based charging solutions - these will be available in both stationary and charge-on-the-fly dynamic systems, enabling longer range & up-time, much smaller batteries, intelligent charging for the whole electric fleet, grid load balancing, V2G, a myriad of data points among other added values for future mobility. Triple redundancy safety systems round off a highly developed deep tech proposition meeting the complex demands of a truly sustainable future.

About Elonroad.; Founded in 2014, Elonroad is a deep tech e-mobility start-up from Lund, Sweden. Elonroad manufactures conductive charging infrastructure. Elonroad’s aim is to reduce the impact of the entire road transport sector by transforming ordinary charging solutions and expanding the driving experience. They are providing range happiness through novel and extensive charging opportunities. Elonroad’s charging solution is cable-free, non-obstructive, highly intelligent, and accessible to all.
Unplug yourself by changing lanes for good.

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Published on: 06/28/2022

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Karin Ebbinghaus

Elonroad, CEO

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