Earth Day Canada’s EcoCharge is a supporter of CharIN

With an aim to expand across Canada, EcoCharge wishes to bring convenient EV charging to as many Canadian communities possible.

Earth Day Canada is an action oriented NFP whose mission is to help people and organizations reduce their environmental impact. It does so by creating the annual Earth Day Campaign in Canada and by developing year-round direct-action programs. Their latest addition is the EcoCharge program, which consists of deploying 100 fast-charging stations to 50 IGA grocer parking lots across the province of Quebec and New Brunswick. With a second phase for the rest of Canada on the horizon, they are aiming to make electric mobility accessible to more Canadian communities.

Furthermore, Earth Day Canada already has a network of well-established partnerships and connections throughout the country. Through its EcoCharge program, it defined itself as an established player in Canadian e-mobility. Earth Day Canada’s EcoCharge already has an important understanding of the infrastructure north of the borders, making it a key player in helping CharIN establish itself on Canadian soil.

Earth Day Canada is proud to join CharIN and is ready to work alongside CharIN’s team in trying to connect as many if not all Canadian e-mobility players to that common goal for EVs.

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Published on: 09/30/2022