Milence becomes a core member of CharIN

As a member of CharIN, Milence will contribute to the standardization of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS)

Through involvement in the CharIN community, Milence will participate to accelerate the adoption of MCS by all industry players across the value chain. The higher-power charging needs of heavy-duty vehicles will rely on MCS and its unique features such as the connector shape, communication electronics, increased current capacity and increased voltage level. Milence is committed to test, provide feedback and evaluate the application of the MCS technology and will act as a pioneer by deploying MCS charging stations at its publicly accessible charging locations for heavy-duty vehicles.

The larger batteries of upcoming electric trucks, with ranges of more than 400 kilometers, must be able to be sufficiently charged during the drivers’ legally mandated 45-minute break. While the current charging standard (CCS) already enables some heavy-duty trucks to charge in under 90 minutes, MCS will make it possible to charge a 40-tonne truck in 30-45 minutes while drivers take their mandatory break.

"By joining CharIN, we will contribute to implementing the MCS standard in the best possible way for heavy-duty road transport, ensuring interoperability and a safe and reliable charging experience for drivers. By enabling a full charge during a driver’s 45-minute break, MCS can significantly contribute to accelerating the rollout of zero-emission road transport solutions."
Maarten Jaspers, Chief Technology Officer at Milence

About Milence

Established in July 2022 as a joint venture between Daimler Truck, TRATON GROUP, and the Volvo Group, Milence is dedicated to making the future of road transport fossil-free. By building and operating at least 1,700 high-performance public charge points in Europe by 2027, its mission is to support and accelerate the transition to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. With 500 million euros in initial funding, the JV will deliver sustainable energy for all battery-electric heavy-duty trucks and coaches, regardless of brand.

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Published on: 02/02/2023

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