CharIN unveils OPNC protocol for seamless EV charging ecosystem integration

CharIN, the leading global association for the charging system with over 300 members, proudly introduces the Open Plug & Charge Network Communication (OPNC) Protocol, a transformative development poised to elevate the Plug & Charge functionality of EV charging infrastructure.

Together with the CharIN OPNC Task Force members, this API (application programming interface) protocol is the groundbreaking enabler for supplier-agnostic Plug & Charge with Multi-V2G-PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and Multi-MO-PKI (mobility operator) interoperability based on the ISO 15118 standard.

The OPNC protocol, an evolutionary extension for global use of the existing OPCP protocol and also compatible with the PNCP protocol, is meticulously crafted to address the intricate needs of global EV ecosystems. Characterized by an open and international framework, this aligned protocol ensures a frictionless and standardized charging experience for EV owners worldwide by facilitating the interoperability between the individual stakeholders and the PKI ecosystems.

Using insights gained from previous market implementations, the CharIN OPNC Task Force with its global development team, was able to extend the OPNC protocol to meet the market’s new requirements. In particular supporting multiple PKIs in the charging ecosystem and addressing requirements coming from the North American market.

It can be considered as the next-generation API protocol globally with backward compatibility to existing protocols. To date, Plug & Charge providers have not used a common protocol. Together with the other task force members, now the EV industry will speak a jointly aligned and unified language. The first milestone towards a global standardization is the now published specification of the OPNC protocol.

First CharIN OPNC Task Force members will integrate the OPNC protocol into their existing EV charging infrastructures. Future developments of the OPNC protocol will include measures to increase its scalability and efficiency to enhance the interoperability of Multi-V2G-PKI ecosystems.

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Published on: 06/04/2024

Thanks to all participating companies of the CharIN OPNC Task Force:

  • ABB E-mobility B.V.
  • Mercedes-Benz AG
  • AMPECO Ltd.
  • NIO Deutschland GmbH
  • Autocrypt Co., Ltd.
  • Octopus Energy Limited
  • BMW Group
  • Penta Security Systems, Inc.
  • Lucid Motors, Inc.
  • Volvo Technology Corporation
  • BP International Limited
  • Pionix GmbH
  • ChargePoint, Inc.
  • GmbH
  • Rivian Automotive, L.L.C.
  • Elaad NL
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Electrify America, L.L.C.
  • Shell Global Solutions GmbH
  • EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG
  • Exicom Tele-Systems Limited
  • Stellantis N.V.
  • Fastned B.V.
  • STMicroelectronics Application GmbH
  • Ford-Werke GmbH
  • Tesla, Inc.
  • Gireve S.A.S.
  • tinq+ GmbH
  • Hubject GmbH
  • Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA
  • Irdeto Security B.V.
  • Trialog
  • Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
  • Lightning MutliCom SA
  • Volkswagen AG

News contacts

Jeremy Schofield

Director of Technology CharIN Academy

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