CharIN Statement Regarding SAE J3400™/SAE J1772™ Adapters

CharIN has advocated for the use of a complementary, native charging connector that matches the EV charge port in order to avoid the need for an adapter(1).  Nevertheless, CharIN expects that the use of adapters will increase until the time that SDO certified, SAE J3400™ compliant charging connectors are widely installed for public use. This statement provides recommendations on how to ensure public safety.

In its efforts to advance the safe and reliable EV charging experience for the global EV market, the Charging Interface Initiative Inc. (CharIN) and its members have led the way with charging system development, industry interoperability testing and public education.  Based on documented evidence from multiple catastrophic charging event failures involving charge coupler adapters, CharIN recommends the following interim steps by OEM EV manufacturers, federal and state regulatory agencies, and charge point operators (CPO) regarding the use of adapters: 

  • EV OEMs notify their dealers and vehicle owners that the use of any adapter other than the respective EV OEM’s approved adapter (e.g. any aftermarket, or will-fit, adapters) may result in severe damage to their vehicle and cause damages to the EV charging infrastructure and surrounding facilities;   
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)/Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) engage to restrict market access to non-OEM approved adapters; 
  • Charge Point Operators (CPOs) provide only EV OEM approved adapters and provide messaging via their public communication channels in addition to signage on the EVSE dispenser regarding the use of adapters.    

CharIN will continue to expedite its efforts to support the development of proper standards for EV charging couplers and charging systems with the aim that once these Standards are published and the EV infrastructure build-out expands that the use of adapters will be eliminated thereby mitigating the inherent risks. See CharIN’s View on Adaptors within the Combined Charging System.  

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Published on: 11/28/2023

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Erika Myers

Executive Director, Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN Inc.)

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