CharIN North America endorses the SAE Industry Technologies Consortia EVPKI Consortium

CharIN North America is pleased to share that it has endorsed the Electric Vehicle Public Key Infrastructure Consortium (EVPKI Consortium) and encourages all industry members to consider it within their EV charging operations.

The EVPKI Consortium launched in October 2023 and is an industry-led program within SAE Industry Technologies Consortia. The mission of the Consortium is to create and manage an inclusive framework for secure digital trust across the electric mobility PKI ecosystem to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and optimize the user experience. The Consortium is committed to creating and supporting an interoperable PKI solution for the entire EV industry. 

“The EVPKI Consortium is pleased to receive CharIN’s endorsement of our PKI interoperability marketplace and solution,” said Mike Westra, EVPKI Consortium Chair, Ford Motor Company. “The EVPKI Consortium will implement an interoperable, protocol-neutral PKI solution and create an open, competitive PKI marketplace to ensure an efficient, high security, and economical PKI solution at scale.  We are pleased to have the backing of CharIN and look forward to announcing new members as well as the launch of our PKI marketplace in the near future.”

“All EV drivers should have a secure and interoperable charging experience, and CharIN North America is pleased to endorse the SAE EVPKI solution and marketplace, as a critical element to the Open Plug & Charge Network Communication (OPNC) Protocol recently announced by CharIN,” said Oleg Logvinov, CharIN North America Board Chair and CEO of IoTecha Corp. “The SAE EVPKI is aligned with CharIN’s mission to promote EV adoption through the adoption of open and standardized technology for charging EVs of all types in as many parts of the world.”

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Published on: 06/12/2024

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Erika Myers

Executive Director, Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN Inc.)

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