CharIN North America activity accelerates over the summer as U.S. Government makes historic EV investments

With the addition of two U.S. staff in June, Erika Myers and Katharina Schalk, CharIN North America has made incredible progress over a short three-month period.

The U.S. EV market is benefiting from the windfall of consumer awareness and demand as drivers experienced significantly higher fuel prices over the summer. Organizers of the U.S. National Electric Drive Week beginning September 23 are expecting record turnouts at Ride and Drive events around the country, and auto dealers continue to report they are unable to keep EVs in stock.

This interest is buoyed by unprecedented levels of U.S. government EV investment totalling nearly $100 billion over the past year – nearly 30 times the total funding awarded by the U.S. government to date. Initial funding was authorized in November 2021 when President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), authorizing at least $7.5 billion dedicated to funding EVs and charging infrastructure. The act included an additional $32.5 billion eligible to support EVs, plus $10.5 billion for grid upgrades and battery development.

Last month, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), creating an additional $47 billion in funding eligible to support EVs – not including tax credits or loan programs.

The future of universal EV charging standards is certain

The CharIN North America membership base has been reignited at a very important moment as the U.S. government finalizes technical eligibility requirements for the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program created by the IIJA, which includes draft requirements for CCS and ISO 15118. CharIN North America was among the 384 entities that submitted comments to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) during the comment period to support the use of these standards.

While a small number of entities opposed the exclusion of CHAdeMO and questioned the maturity of ISO 15118, we were pleased at the overwhelming amount of support for CCS and ISO 15118. CharIN continues to remain the leading advocate for open and interoperable EV charging standards in North America.

Through CharIN North America’s Board and newly re-established policy committee, we plan to release a series of articles, arrange government meetings, and speak at public events and podcasts to further enhance the narrative around the long-term need for the use of open and interoperable EV charging standards, such as CCS, MCS, and ISO 15118, for these important federal investments.

Demonstrating the importance of standards through testing

The team is excited to host the next CharIN NORTH AMERICA Conference and Testival between October 4-7, 2022 at the Daimler Truck North America (DNTA) headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We are planning for over 300 attendees at the event and a full schedule of EV chargers and EV testing slots. The theme of the event will focus on the critical need to provide a flawless customer charging experience through the proper application of open and interoperable charging standards. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

We are also excited to host the North America Launch for the Megawatt Charging System featuring a DTNA e-Cascadia truck and several MCS charging pedestals.

In parallel, CharIN e.V. will be hosting an invite-only meeting for U.S. federal and state government agencies and select industry representatives to provide information about the latest features and updates for CCS, MCS, and ISO 15118, as well as to collect feedback from stakeholders on what standard improvements are necessary in the North America market.

The team is preparing for the VOLTS Conference and Testival next year in California, which will focus on ISO 15118 interoperability testing. More details to follow.

Building a solid foundation in North America

The CharIN North America team continues to grow with the addition of Ivo Steklac of EVgo in July to fill a vacant North America Board seat, and the formal expansion of the board to include two additional members who will be announced in early October. The CharIN e.V. membership in North America also grew by 13 members this year, for a total of 48 organizations, and staff will roll-out a membership drive in the Fall with a goal of an additional 10 members in the region starting in January 2023.

CharIN North America staff have successfully hosted individual meetings with over two-thirds of CharIN members based in the region to collect input on how CharIN can best support their organizations. These meetings have resulted in higher member engagement in monthly member calls, focus groups, events, and volunteer committees.

Erika Myers


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Published on: 09/19/2022

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Erika Myers

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