CharIN North America Kicks off 2024 with Official U.S. Federal Tax-Exempt Designation & Ambitious Work Plan

CharIN Inc (dba CharIN North America) is pleased to announce it has officially received its U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 501(c)(6) designation, which provided the organization with tax-exempt status. CharIN North America also launched an ambitious work plan that will continue our industry-leading testing & convening activities and focus on SAE J3400 standardization.

What does tax-exempt status mean for CharIN members and the EV industry?

CharIN is a leading global organization supporting the EV charging ecosystem.

Achieving tax-exempt status in the U.S. is a key milestone for CharIN North America, which plans to leverage this designation to take advantage of special funding resources, such grant and sponsorship opportunities, reduce its overhead and operating costs, and gain other special policy and advocacy privileges, to better support the growth of the EV industry.  

The IRS recognition confirms CharIN’s role as an independent entity in the standards space with no profit-seeking motive, further enhancing the association’s credibility.

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Published on: 01/23/2024

Overview of North America 2024 Activities

CharIN is excited to continue our industry-leading Testivals in spring and fall, host a spring conference, co-host a series of roundtables and workshops with SAE-ITC, host two webinars, and support other special events and activities.

Stay tuned for other major funded projects in the coming months.

CharIN NA will also continue the critical work of the North America Charging Interoperability Task Force, which is focused on enabling standardization and implementation of SAE J3400, through the extensive skills and experience of contributing CharIN members and volunteers.

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Special Recognition

We want to recognize everyone who supported the development of the CharIN North America organization for multiple years for tax-exempt status and past and future activities. While CharIN continues to focus on global standards and issues, it is also important to recognize the role of local stakeholders and local nuances, such as the form factor of the EV charging connector. CharIN North America looks forward to fully utilizing its new tax-exempt status to support the growth and development of transportation electrification in the United States.

CharIN North America was founded by the collaboration of like-minded EV industry professionals, working to achieve common goals. We achieve these goals through the contribution of time, expertise, insight, and passion of our partners and volunteers. Along with the leadership of our board of directors, we secure our strategic direction, ensure the organization is legally compliant, and advance our mission.

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Erika Myers

Executive Director, Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN Inc.)

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