CharIN featured in new online engineering hub!

CharIN has been selected to feature in The Future of Engineering – an exciting new multimedia initiative presented by media and communications specialist St James’s House in association with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Recently launched at the ICE’s London headquarters, The Future of Engineering ( is a comprehensive online hub that hosts a selection of exclusive, industry-related films, interviews and features.

As a leading advocate for the adoption of the Combined Charging System (CCS) and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for electrical vehicles of all kinds, CharIN shares its insights and expertise in one of the initiative’s documentaries, entitled Putting the Smart into Cities.

The documentary (viewable at explores the ideas, innovations and individuals at the forefront of the development of sustainable, smart cities across the globe. Including commentary and analysis from a host of leading industry organisations, Putting the Smart into Cities addresses the present and future challenges of urban living, from transport and communications to the built environment, work and leisure.

The Future of Engineering also features a dedicated profile of CharIN and a film about its current ideas and operations, which can be found at

Michael Keller, Treasurer at CharIN, says, “To support the sustainability of all the mobility sectors, the different stakeholders work together from industry, governments and regulators. CharIN’s aim is to bring them all together in a way that topics around e-mobility can be aligned considering all players of the ecosystem and thus, push the deployment of e-mobility on a global scale.”

Addressing the smart city challenge, David Porter, Vice President of the ICE, says, “The ICE’s vision for the future is really embodied in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we work very hard to try and support the delivery of those. We need to deliver all those SDGs in a way that helps people and the planet to thrive.” ...

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Published on: 01/09/2024

Cities are becoming smarter and therefore more sustainable. The future of urban spaces is green, digital and connected. This optimistic development is made possible by technologies which are not optimized for their own sake, but are put at the service of society.

This paradigm shift is giving rise to inspiring images of the future that, despite an increasing population, portray cities as places with a high quality of life.

This thought-provoking path into a new future is wonderfully portrayed in the latest documentary "Putting the smart into Cities". How is e-mobility evolving and how does sector coupling for smart energy systems will influence urban places in the future? Curious?

Then tune in from minute 16.45 onwards when CharIN`s contribution is put into spotlight. Needless to say, that is worth watching the entire documentary of the renowned Institute of Civil Engineers and it's numerous partners across the globe.

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Documentary: "Putting the Smart into Cities" (Film by ICE - Institution of Civil Engineers)

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