CharIN e. V. officially launches the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) at EVS35 in Oslo, Norway

Four years after kicking off the Task Force for Heavy Duty Charging for Commercial Vehicles at the 1st CharIN North America Conference, the Megawatt Charging System was inaugurated with a colorful demonstration on an Alpitronic charger and a Scania 100% Electric truck. More than 300 interested visitors attended the unveiling at the CharIN booth at EVS35 in Oslo on the first official day of the show.

MCS, the Megawatt Charging System, represents a global solution for Heavy Duty transportation, and is based on globally aligned requirements and a technical specification to develop the requirements for a worldwide standard with final publication of the standard expected in 2024.

International specialists, many of whom are CharIN members, have been contributing to this development with their expertise in the field of Megawatt Charging. Experiences made by many members and users on CCS, deep knowledge about the communication protocol, interoperability, and functionality help pave the way not only for trucks but also for marine vessels, aeronautics, and mining.

Another great achievement of the CharIN MCS Task Force was the common agreement on one and the same position of the MCS Connector on all trucks worldwide. This will be implemented by all MCS manufacturers.

With this inauguration, CharIN´s vision becomes reality. CharIN members will present their respective products implementing MCS in the coming year.

A Consortium of interested partners from the industry and research institutes have already started a pilot in Germany, the HoLa project, to put Megawatt Charging for long-haul trucking in real world conditions, and to gain more information about the European MCS Network demand.

MCS combines the benefits and the features of the Combined Charging System (CCS) based on ISO/IEC 15118.

In the near future, MCS will satisfy the demand of the Truck and Bus industry to charge within a reasonable time. The standard is key for battery electric long-haul trucks but will also in further heavy duty applications like marine, aerospace, mining, or agriculture.

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Published on: 06/14/2022

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