CharIN e.V. and EEBUS e.V. start cooperation

The Charging Interface (CharIN) e.V. and EEBUS e.V. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate in the field of seamless communication between Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the grid.

E-mobility is a dynamically evolving sector with more and more stakeholders. The originally defined value chain starting with carmakers and charging station manufacturers is likely to extend into areas that profit from the possibility of energy storage in EV batteries.

The CharIN alliance promotes the global application of EV Charging by means of the Combined Charging System (CCS) and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS).

EEBUS pro-actively drives the digitalization of energy transition, focusing, among other things, on the integration of electric vehicles into the energy management of buildings in a standardized way.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) are the magic words that are of major interest to both parties and it´s all about the interface of the grid relevant devices to make it happen. Only a cross-domain and standardized interface approach can ensure a seamless communication between the smart grid and all kind of grid relevant devices such as a charging station in order to keep physical limits at the grid connection point while new energy business models might emerge.

CharIN and EEBUS common members:

Therefore, CharIN and EEBUS intend to determine and map the individual and combined use cases as well as implementation areas of both partners, explore end-to-end testing options including signal types and communication protocols, and to tackle security and authorization aspects together.

The new partners are looking forward to their common activities and the reciprocal support of their activities in supporting global standardization.

“EEBUS’ cooperation with CharIN pushes forward the standardized integration of electromobility into the electrified energy world of today and tomorrow. Together both associations harmonize the energy landscape for interoperable solutions in their respective domain, from grid connection level up to charging devices.”
(Peter Kellendonk, 1st Chairman of the Board of EEBUS)

“We look forward to exploring additional use cases and enabling future V2G options. The close cooperation between CharIN and EEBUS will contribute to standardize interfaces and to ensure that communication between the electric vehicle, the grid, and other devices will work smoothly and seamlessly.”
(Claas Bracklo, Chairman of CharIN e.V.)


CharIN is an international association of vehicle manufacturers, energy

providers and original equipment manufacturers with one common goal: To

establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) as the global standard for charging all types of battery powered electric vehicles. CharIN represents over 250 leading e-mobility stakeholders from the entire EV charging value chain. It is open to all interested parties and has offices in Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Japan, China, and the US. Please find more information at:

The purpose of EEBUS is the development and standardization of the communication interface in order to allow for the interconnection between energy management relevant devices as well as corresponding control systems. Special focus is laid on the local interface for grid relevant interconnected devices where, driven by its cross-industry membership structure, EEBUS has especially developed EV, HVAC, white goods and grid related use cases in line with latest market development topics.

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Published on: 02/22/2022

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