CharIN and AVEC join forces to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in Chile through a Memorandum of Understanding

This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards international collaboration to achieve an interoperable and greener future for the electric mobility in Chile.

With the aim to support the development of an interoperable electromobility market in the Latin American region, CharIN has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chilean Electric Vehicle Association (AVEC). This strategic partnership aims to promote collaboration between both parties in the field of information exchange and technical trainings with special focus on charging infrastructure.

AVEC, the leading association for electric vehicles in Chile, aims to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles and reduce pollution-related deaths in the country. Composed of companies, entrepreneurs, and users in the electromobility sector, AVEC is committed to building a society where electric vehicles are the preferred mode of transportation, promoting innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity in Chile's mobility industry.

Through this partnership, CharIN and AVEC will collaborate on various initiatives, including information exchange, technical training, and promoting ISO 15118.

We are excited to partner with AVEC to accelerate the transition to interoperable electric mobility in Chile, a strategic step to intensify our activities in Latin America
Claas Bracklo, Chairman of CharIN
This collaboration between AVEC and CharIN will allow us to highlight the importance of having an interoperable and user-friendly charging infrastructure. We have to learn from the experience of others, and we expect to apply the CharIN knowledge into the Chilean electromobility market and specially our associates. We also hope to be of support of the development and implementation of the Interoperability Regulation recently approved on our country
Andrés Barentin, President of AVEC

As a first step, a CharIN Tuesday in cooperation with AVEC is planned. A CharIN Tuesday is a digital learning session addressing the hottest topics of e-Mobility.

This event brings influential stakeholders from industry and politics together to exchange and collaborate on important topics. The conference will address insights of the current developments in Chile. as well as the role of CharIN and AVEC and the technological perspective in that region.

As defined in a common Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), further exchange formats between CharIN and AVEC including relevant stakeholders and topics from Chile and the CharIN ecosystem will follow.

CharIN is happy to announce that AVEC is now also an official supporter of CharIN.

About AVEC:

AVEC A.G., is a Chilean association, whose goal is to massify the use of electric vehicles as soon as possible. It is composed of companies, entrepreneurs and users related to electromobility. Pollution kills thousands of Chileans every year and for this reason it is important to replace fossil fuel transport with electric transport by 100% as quickly as possible.

AVEC, strives to lead the transition towards sustainable electric mobility in Chile and its vision is to build a society where electric vehicles are the preferred motorized transportation option, promoting innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity in the Chilean mobility industry. The association participates in discussions and formulation of public policies, representing the interests of its associates. Also wants to contribute to the education of the population interested in these issues and thus motivate their active participation in the ecosystem. Please find more information at

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Published on: 06/08/2023

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