CharIN and ANAC join hands to drive sustainable mobility in Chile

The collaboration between the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) and the Asociación Nacional Automotriz de Chile (ANAC A.G.) signifies a powerful alliance that will drive positive change and innovation in Chile's mobility landscape to strengthen collaboration and accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Chile.

ANAC A.G., headquartered in Santiago de Chile, unites representatives of automotive brands, importers, and stakeholders across the automotive sector. With a shared vision of promoting sustainable progress and development, ANAC A.G. is dedicated to participating in formulating public policies that ensure the growth of the sector while prioritizing safety, quality of life, competitiveness, and equal opportunities for all industry players. ANAC’s commitment to sustainable mobility aligns perfectly with CharIN's vision of establishing a global standard for electric vehicle charging.

CharIN, with over 320 members representing the entire EV charging value chain, is dedicated to the implementation of the Combined Charging System (CCS) and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS). The association's vision is to establish CCS and MCS as the global standard for charging all types of electric vehicles, ensuring reliability and user satisfaction.

This partnership between CharIN and ANAC A.G. signifies a monumental step towards the advancement of sustainable mobility in Chile. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two entities outlines a comprehensive collaboration aimed at fostering growth and innovation in the electric vehicle sector. Some key aspects of the partnership include the exchange of knowledge and expertise on EV charging technologies and standards, collaboration on joint promotions of training activities and events, the mutual promotion of the ISO15118 standard and the facilitation of connectivity and information sharing among members of both alliances.

The partnership between CharIN and ANAC A.G. represents a significant milestone in our joint efforts to drive sustainable mobility solutions in Chile based on global charging standards.“By combining our expertise, networks and resources, we aim to catalyze the transition towards zero-emission transportation and contribute to a greener more sustainable future.
Claas Bracklo, CharIN Chairman
This year we commemorate the 30th anniversary of ANAC, and our efforts are focused on generating the ecosystem needed for the incorporation of the latest and newest technologies in our country, in alignment with becoming a net-zero country by 2050. For us at ANAC it is highly relevant to have this agreement with an international scope, that will allow us to share mutual experience about the standards we need to incorporate for electrified vehicles in Chile, one of the most competitive markets for the automotive industry, with a vast net of 26 Free Trade Agreements and vehicles coming from more than 28 different origins.
Diego Mendoza, ANAC A.G. General Secretary

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Published on: 08/21/2023

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