BRUSA Elektronik AG becomes a regular member of CharIN.

BRUSA Elektronik AG is a leading development service provider for all electronic and mechanical components of the e-powertrain. Since it was founded in 1985, BRUSA has played a key role in the global breakthrough in electromobility.

BRUSA Elektronik AG is a leading manufacturer and engineering company for electronic systems and components of the e-powertrain and onboard charging systems. With the market launch in 2018 of the world’s first inductive charging system for a series-production car, BRUSA Elektronik AG has once again proven its position as an innovation leader, who is capable of developing new technologies from concept to series production. The inductive charging system is approved and certified for operation in the EU, China, North America and Japan.

Today, BRUSA continues this success in developing the second generation of an inductive charging system, which transfers 11kW of electrical energy with an efficiency of more than 90% wirelessly to the electric vehicle. The system meets international safety and EMC requirements and regulations, and has fully integrated living and foreign object detection. Additionally, the system guides the driver during parking with precise positioning information, which is key for automated parking and driving systems.

BRUSA has been a long-standing member in standardization committees at ISO, IEC and SAE for inductive charging systems and will continue in its efforts also as a CharIN member. The company recognizes CharIN as an important link between global standards and marketable products. The association's guidelines, recommendations and testing events help to put interoperability specifications into practice. BRUSA is committed to bring its knowledge and many years of expertise in inductive charging technology into the association.

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Published on: 07/11/2022

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