BluVein becomes a core member of CharIN

BluVein safely enables the full electrification of heavy mining fleet - today.

Its core technology dynamically powers mixed-OEM haul fleets while in motion, enabling smaller on-board battery packs, faster vehicle haulage speeds up the ramp, grid load balancing, elimination of static, fast charging, maximum fleet availability and – most importantly – the complete elimination of diesel.

BluVein was one of eight winning ideas selected to progress to the next stage of the Charge On™ Innovation Challenge in 2022.

Its charter aligns with CharIN's goal of universally effective and sustainable electrification within mining through an industry-wide, collaborative approach.

BluVeinXL is an above-ground electrification solution. It leverages BluVein1's technology that is the primarily underground solution using the BluVein Rail™ slotted power rail system and the on-vehicle BluVein Hammer™ to charge and power mining fleets 'on the go simultaneously.

The Rail is an enclosed electrified e-rail system mounted above or beside mining vehicles, while the Hammer connects the electric vehicle to the Rail.

In underground scenarios, BluVein's technology completely removes the need for battery swapping or static, fast charging while allowing the use of smaller, lighter and lower-cost batteries in continuous and high-duty applications.

In open-pit operations, BluVeinXL offers a next-generation alternative to the cumbersome, inflexible and expensive conventional catenary wire trolley systems that are currently hampering mines from fully decarbonising their haulage operations.

BluVeinXL has assembled a consortium of major mining partners focused on accelerating BluVein's standardised dynamic charging technology to decarbonise the mining sector.

These consortium partners are focused on delivering BluVein's fleet electrification solution to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 with a minimal viable product (MVP) demonstration ahead of full commercial deployment of the technology.

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Published on: 04/20/2023

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