2nd F2F meeting of CharIN’s Focus Groups in 2022

Last week the experts of the Focus Groups met in Berlin from October 18th- 20th, 2022, to discuss latest developments in CCS and urgent field topics. About 80 members joined the sessions onsite and virtual.

The agendas were fully packed and provided the participants status updated of ongoing group activities and relevant input for further new topics.

On Monday the Charging Connection and Infrastructure topics have been:

  • General CharIN update of the Executive Board.
  • Subgroups of Megawatt Charging System and Automated Charging Devices (ACD) (underbody/side)The group further discussed the issue of connectors with added geometries for ergonomic reasons that could lead to incompatibility at certain inlets.
  • The Charging Infrastructure got updates on the regulatory discussions in Europe, the Buyers Guide for the CharIN Power Classes and the needed improvements in the EV ecosystem due to data exchange. The last two may be converted into white papers.
  • Further the power classes have been reviewed in regards to bidirectional power transfer (BPT) as well as commercial vehicle aspects.

On 19th the group of Grid Integration and Communication

  • discussed topics on the user perspective of smart charging based on a Uscale study and how to improve the energy demand for EVs while using mor renewables from sun.
  • Moreover Grid Codes in Europe will be a topic for regulators and thus CharIN might collect expert views on this to improve the ecosystem.
  • Also the US has specific needs on grid related communication for AC BPT which will be further elaborated in regards to possibilities of ISO 15118-20 and OCCP.
  • The Status of test case related standards has been presented and a perspective on the available communication method for ACD systems.
  • The participants learned about the current requirements for Plug & Charge for implementers.
  • Further bidirectional charging aspects on communication for DC charging developments on US side and how this is related to CCS communication.

On 20th the day was covered by Interoperability (IOP) discussions like field observations on the EV behaviour.

  • It was shown that more interoperability testing is needed and conformance approved products will help to get to this.
  • The group defined the roadmap for the IOP testing CCS extended part for the features of ISO 15118 communication.
  • The processes for CharIN conformance testing and the collection of inputs on IOP issues has been discussed.

All topics will be further discussed in the Focus Groups.

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Published on: 10/24/2022

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