2nd CharIN Focus Group Week 2020 (virtual) - CharIN supports the EV-charging ecosystem through ongoing valuable expert exchange during COVID-19 times.

CharIN members, all having high expertise in the Combined Charg-ing System (CCS), met virtually for an exchange. Over 200 CharIN member from all over the world joined four focus group meetings to discuss the progress of their activities.

The Focus Group Meetings of the CharIN e.V. took place from October 5h-7th online. During the meetings, members of the four CharIN Focus Groups Charging Connection, Charging Infrastructure, Conformance Test/Interoperability and Charging Communication exchanged information about latest developments, and discussed further progress of the Combined Charging System (CCS).

This year, CharIN continued several important activities like the CCTS vali-dation, the discussion on the Mega Watt Charging System (MCS) and the Communication protocol related Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). New future needs from the electric aeroplane sector (e.g. eVTOL) were introduced to the members which are broadening the holistic system approach of CCS.

Overall, the Focus Group meetings were well perceived by the international participants. Although networking and personal interaction during coffee breaks is not as easy as the last years, the commitment of our members to contribute to the CharIN vision and goals is at a remarkable high level, even in or despite these uncertain times.

The discussed topics will be further developed within the individual Focus Groups during regular phone conferences within an agreed time schedule. All activities focus on achieving one central target: To draw up recommen-dations for the evolution of charging-related standards, and to develop a certification system that can be used by all manufacturers implementing the CCS in their products to improve interoperability as well as the user experience.

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Published on: 10/04/2020

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