Promotion of women in the EV sector

SDG 5 Gender equality - Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

"Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Gender bias is undermining our social fabric and devalues all of us. It is not just a human rights issue; it is a tremendous waste of the world’s human potential. By denying women equal rights, we deny half the population a chance to live life at its fullest. Political, economic, and social equality for women will benefit all the world’s citizens. Together we can eradicate prejudice and work for equal rights and respect for all."

(Source: Goal 5: Gender equality - The Global Goals)

In one of the fastest growing and rapidly changing industries in the world, inclusion and diversity have never been as important as they are today. The automotive industry might have traditionally been male dominated in terms of consumers as well as professionals working in this sector. That is shifting: more and more women are powering innovations in the EV sector.

It is important for CharIN not only to be visible, but to take the lead on a matter that is non-negotiable: diversity in the workplace. With more women in the industry, we gain different perspectives and different ways of analyzing and building things. Women can take leadership and change the electric vehicle industry with their approach. At CharIN, we want to make sure that we put a spotlight on those women that contribute to a sustainable way of moving goods and people in the future.

What women do for one another!

‘Women support each other‘

- Celebrate each other's accomplishments 

- Encourage each other to simply “go for it” 

- Make sure their ideas are heard 

- Share job opportunities among each other

What CharIN does to support women!

- Increases the visibility of women working in the EV industry

- Increases the number of women speaking on (industry, political) panels

- Increases women participation across different parts of the value chain and along the spectrum of leadership positions

- Increases awareness to move towards true equality throughout the sector


Accomplishments of women in EV:


CharIN Executive Director North America


CharIN Ambassador Australia & New Zealand