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SDG 13 Climate action - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Climate change is a real and undeniable threat to our entire civilization.The effects are already visible and will be catastrophic unless we act now. Through education, innovation and adherence to our climate commitments, we can make the necessary changes to protect the planet. 

As a globally active association, we have enormous leverage in helping shape the transformation toward sustainable mobility on an international scale. With over 300 members along the entire value chain, we enjoy a remarkable outreach.

Our visibility and impact are results of our global activities. This is where conflicting goals arise. On the one hand, we must carry our vision and our purpose across borders. We need to encourage people to participate, we need to create an effective cross-industry ecosystem. For this, our decision-makers need to travel and spread our message and persuade relevant stakeholders to join forces. On the other hand, we clearly intend to reduce our emissions which are primarily fed by air travel. We will also travel in the future. However, we will reflect on relevance, frequency, and envisaged effect of every travel rather critical.

For the CharIN global team to travel less, we are establishing regional structures in other regions of the world. We are building sustainable structures, found new entities and enable new people to take over. This is a well-established procedure with our international offices in Hongkong, Japan, USA and we are currently ramping-up structures in Singapore to realize decentralized activities in South-East Asia as well.

According to our CharIN strategy we believe in global collaboration and knowledge transfer. Our vision is to create a global ecosystem with regional activities based on our joint vision. This approach will help us to cut down travel related emissions of our CharIN global team. Reducing emissions via regional structures is our priority, compensating emissions of travel activities that we understand to be of systemic relevance will be a matter of course.

By selecting compensation projects close to our CharIN mission we help accelerate the energy and e-mobility transformation in regions we are also active in.

Our compensation projects in 2023

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We have presented Co2 compensation projects with a focus on e-mobility, and the CharIN community voted live at EVS36 in Sacramento in June.The travel emissions caused by the CharIN team in 2023 will be compensated through the following project:

The establishment and expansion of electric public transportation in East Africa, along with the associated reduction of air pollution, noise pollution, and health risks, has convinced us just as much as the diversification of modes of transport - from buses and taxis to rickshaws and motorcycles!

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