Sustainable events

SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production - Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

SDG 12 is meant to ensure good use of resources, improving energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, green and decent jobs and ensuring a better quality of life for all.

(Source: The Global Goals)

Less waste, less plastic, greener energy, energy efficiency, sustainable logistics as well as sustainable catering options are concrete measures that can contribute to SDG 12.

That's why we set out to develop guidelines for the sustainable organization and execution of our CharIN events. We are thriving for green events around the globe - may it be a Testival in South Korea or a conference in California.

By making CharIN events sustainable, we not only take responsibility but also ignite the sustainability spark among our partners and members. At best, they understand CharIN events as a source of inspiration and gather impulses that help improve their sustainability performance as well.

The CharIN Sustainable Events Guidline provide a comprehensive framework for organizing environmentally responsible events, covering venue selection, resource management, sustainable catering, transportation, and waste reduction. By implementing these practices, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint and inspire others in the industry.

The guideline that we have created are targeting all three dimensions of sustainability: ecological, economic, and social. We have based our guideline and checklists on various other already existing guidelines. The decision to create an individual guideline was taken as we did not find a single guideline that was fully applicable to the events CharIN is organizing. Hence, we have combined and complemented several guidelines to be able to not only reflect on our status quo but to show what our goal is.