Hello, I am Roger Atkins.

"Things take longer to change than you thought they would – then things change faster than you thought they could ... so do it now!"

My role

My role

CharIN Ambassador United Kingdom

Languages I speak

Languages I speak

English, German, and Basic French

My personal interests

My personal interests

Music, Poetry, and Dogs

Link to e-mobility

Link to e-mobility

15 years in EV arena – various COs, 7 years own business

My objectives

Drive to help CharIN is all about collaboration and communication

Introduction of UK

The status of e-mobility and EV-charging in my region

E-mobility still do not convince the users since 6 out of 10 charging experiences don`t work properly. Therefore, there´s a lot to do because only a smooth and seamless customer charging experience will increase the acceptance of E-Mobility.

Key topics concerning clean transportation, implementation of CCS etc. in my region

The Combined Charging System CCS and the Megawatt Charging System MCS based on ISO/IEC 15118 have the power and outreach to become the leading global standard since they are accepted and implemented by more than 80% of the leading OEMs and EVSE manufacturers.

Referring to one and the same communication protocol guarantees interoperability, and thus, the positive customer journey. Education of relevant stakeholders is crucial to get the right understanding, to do the right investments and to speed up solutions to market challenges.

Professional background

A little bit about me and how I got into e-mobility

I got in touch with E-Mobility for the very first time in 2004 when I started to collaborate on a Hybrid Taxi Project, the London Black Cab, at that time the first taxicab service provided with a hybrid electric car (HEV) in London.

Three years later, in 2007, I was part of the Modec BEV start up Modec was an electric vehicle manufacturer in Coventry, UK, specializing in Commercial vehicles in the N2 category. In many ways you can consider it the UK equivalent to Tesla. If you are interested in more details, please find the whole story here.

Welcome to reach out

Roger Atkins

CharIN Ambassador UK