Hi, I am Derek Reilly.

"Progress, not perfection, for a better future."

My role

My role

CharIN Ambassador Ireland

Languages I speak

Languages I speak


My personal interests

My personal interests

Sustainability, e-mobility, reading, sci-fi, walking my dog, going to the cinema and experiencing new cultures. 

Link to e-mobility

Link to e-mobility

Starting reviewing EVs back in 2019 as my passion project then setting up a YouTube Channel in 2020. In 2022 my passion project became my full-time career. I also sit on the committees for the Irish EV Association and the EV Association of Northern Ireland.

"I saw the great work CharIN was doing around the world and I want to help out."

My objective

  • To drive the adoption and awareness of electric vehicles
  • Walk the talk and be the change

Introduction to Ireland

The status of e-mobility and EV-charging in my region

The Irish government’s interim target is to have 175,000 electric cars on the roads by 2025.

New plug-in vehicle registrations amounted to 20.8% in Q1 2024, comprising BEV 12.7% and PHEV 8.1%.

Ireland is one of the worst performers in EV charging with not hitting our 2024 targets and likely to miss  2025 and 2026 according to a recent Transport & Environment report.

Professional background

A little bit about me and how I got into e-mobility

Worked for my family retail business and then moved to working for a multinational. Served in the fire service for 14 years. Drove my 1st EV in 2018 and knew it was the future. Started reviewing EVs for a tech review website and then set up a YouTube Channel in 2020. Now Partnerships Director for Ireland’s only Electric Vehicle platform.

3 highlights of my career in the e-mobility context
  • Starting Ireland’s most popular EV YouTube Channel and attending new EV launches around the world.
  • Turning my  passion project to my full-time career with Nevo which has led to working with national media here in Ireland on all topics relating to Electric Vehicles.
  • Organising Ireland’s 1st Electric Vehicle Show with nearly 13,000 attendees.

Welcome to reach out

Derek Reilly

CharIN Ambasador Ireland