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You could not take part? You are interested in what is happening in the (other) key regions?

Here you will find short summaries of past "Tuesday(s)" in picture and sound.

CharIN Tuesday ASIA | March 16th, 2021

"Interoperability & Certification in EV Charging Ecosystem"

More than 100 participants joined the last CharIN Tuesday about Interoperability and Certification in EV Charging Ecosystem.

Woohyun Seo from KERI presented a roadmap for a pilot project of CCS testing from the CharIN focus group. He was followed by Jan Grossmann from Vector, who explained why we need CCTS, a CharIN CCS Test System, and how it was developed. The last input came from Albi Kospiri, TÜV Süd, who spoke about testing requirements for charging equipment.

Polls and the panel discussion during the event showed that to 80% of the participating companies it is important to get their products and/or services certified. 40% of the attendees stated that testing their services a/o products by an accredited third party before market launch would be crucial to sniff out final problems. The CharIN Focus Group Conformance Test and Interoperability will take this result as a motivation to continue working on the CCS Test System (CCTS) and the certification process.

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CharIN Tuesday Global | March 02nd, 2021

"CharIN events: a community goes digital"

The year 2020 has confronted CharIN with new challenges, which will continue to be relevant in 2021. The flow of information and exchange with the members could not be interrupted. The processes had to continue.

Communication, also for non-members, had to be guaranteed. How CharIN has set itself up digitally in organizational terms and what future processes, including in the event area, await us, will be discussed in this CharIN Tuesday.

CharIN also gives an outlook on the next Testivals which will be digitally accompanied. Your questions about what to expect in 2021 will be answered here.

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