CharIN Tuesday

CharIN Tuesday is more than a virtual e-mobility conference. It's a digital learning session addressing the hottest topics of e-mobility.

This event brings influential industry stakeholders together to exchange and collaborate on important topics as Grid Integration, EU Funding, V2G, Certification, Plug’n Charge, MCS and many more.

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CharIN Tuesday EUROPE Triplet

After the sounding success of the CharIN Tuesday EUROPE triplet in springtime this year, we plan another triplet of EU-focused CharIN Tuesdays for fall.

Once per month, Glenn Cezanne, the CharIN voice in Brussels, will invite experts from industry and politics to tackle the following topics:

  1. Oct 18, 2022: Regulatory Birdseye - A holistic view on the relevant EU dossiers‘ status for e-mobility (This event already took place)
  2. Nov 08, 2022: E-Mobility across the EU – A Union, how divided?
  3. Dec 13, 2022: Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) – The driver for e-mobility

EU-focused CharIN Tuesdays continue with a once-a-month triplet starting on 18th October.

Part 1: An EU Regulatory Birdseye for e-Mobility (This event already took place)

The first theme to be discussed will focus on an EU Regulatory Birdseye for eMobility, whereby Since the current European Commission took power, a wave of emobility relevant initiatives have been published; also, beyond the Fitfor55 Package. This includes, the EPBD, AFIR, Grid-Codes, RED II, TEN-T, etc. The idea is to give a thorough understanding to the audience of the various regulatory elements that in essence have to work together to provide a flawless roll-out of infrastructure and vehicle uptake.

Part 2: eMobility Across the EU – A Union, How Divided? Or How to Ensure a Coherent Development

The second CharIN Tuesday of 8 November will take consider how (1) divided the EU remains to be in emobility uptake, (2) how this can be further changed, (3) what progress there has been to date, and (4) what can be done from a regulatory perspective.

Part 3: HDVs - The Driver for eMobility?

The third Tuesday on 13 December will highlight the importance of HDVs as a driver for emobility across Europe. Speakers include industry, Council of the EU and the European Commission.


The Future of Charging Today

This CharIN Tuesday will map out a vision for how Plug & Charge in North America can enhance the EV charging experience for users in the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle segments.

If we want the scale and pace of EV adoption required to meet the climate moment, Plug & Charge makes it possible through a seamless and safe charging experience. Customers will no longer have to worry about whether the car has charged or if their credit card data is secure. However, the EV industry must collaborate to achieve this vision.

This group of experts representing four major charge point operators serving public and fleet users, will discuss how the EV industry can achieve this collaborative goal and decarbonize transportation in North America.

Date: November 29, 2022

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting Online event with a expert moderated panel including Q&A and audience questions. You moderator will be Oleg Logvinov from IoTecha.

CharIN Tuesday ASIA 

Megawatt Charging for Electric & Hybrid Marine Vessels

(This event already took place in May)

Marine vessels are a major contributor to CO2 emissions.

When vessels enter Harbours, travel nearshore, along rivers or are berthed close to cities, they also generate a disproportionate amount of air pollutants.

To lower those emissions Electric & Hybrid Marine vessels are the way forward.
For E-Vessels to become a commercially viable solution for operators, Megawatt Charging & an advanced communication protocol are a pre-requisite. Those key ingredients can offer an efficient E-Mobility eco-system that can be swiftly adopted in harbours anywhere in the world & for investments in E-vessels to take off.

We’ll therefore go into more detail on how the ISO 15118-20 charging standard combined with MCS can meet those requirements.

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CharIN Tuesday ASIA: Megawatt Charging for Electric & Hybrid Marine Vessels

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