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June 29, 2021
03:00 pm – 04:30 pm (CET) 

CharIN Tuesday EUROPE: "Plug & Charge Activities in Europe"

Plug and Charge allows automated communication and billing processes between the electric vehicle and the charging station without any need for RFID cards or charging apps while ensuring high IT security at the same time.

So far, the widespread implementation of Plug and Charge has been hindered by missing consensus and unity among the industry as well as the pending standardization of key elements.

This CharIN Tuesday will give you insights about current projects and activities in Europe that shall successfully overcome previous hurdles in the implementation.

Join the conference to get insights of the Plug and Charge Europe Project and their implementation of a PKI . Learn more about the Mobena Initiative and interoperable solutions dealing with multiple roots.

03:00 pm (CET)

Opening words and agenda introduction

Welcome from CharIN

Baerte de Brey

Baerte de Brey


Claas Bracklo

Claas Bracklo

CharIN Board

03:05 pm (CET)

Plug & Charge Europe Project

Bonjad Satvat

Bonjad Satvat

P3 automotive GmbH

03:20 pm (CET)

Task Force PKI

Jean-Marc Rives

Jean-Marc Rives


03:35 pm (CET)

Mobena Initiative

Joe Matta

Joe Matta


03:50 pm (CET)

Panel discussion
Questions & Answers


Baerte de Brey

Baerte de Brey



  • Bonjad Satvat , P3 automotive
  • Jean-Marc Rives, GIREVE
  • Joe Matta, VEDECOM
  • Baran Yalcin, tinqplus
  • Christian Hahn, Hubject

04:30 pm (CET)


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