Academy Training:
CCS Session 1
Ethernet Basics

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

08:00 am to 12:00 pm CET (remote training)


In this course you will receive an introduction to basic Ethernet communication as well as an overview of the most important application protocols.

  • The participants get to know the general idea of Ethernet
  • Understand the role of Layer 1-4 and the applications
  • Some hints about analysis of Ethernet frames and the data from the point of view of higher layers
  • get a good basis for other Combined Charging System trainings


Knowledge of serial communication is advantageous but not required


1.  Ethernet Fundamentals, OSI Layers 1 to 4

  • Physical Layers (very short)
  • Ethernet basics
  • IP basics
  • Axilliary Protocols (ARP, NDP, ICMP, DHCP...)
  • Introduction to TCP and UDP

2.  Overview Application Protocols e.g.

  • DoIP
  • HTTP
  • DNS

Event Info

Date: 02/28/2023 – 02/28/2023
Location: Online

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Event contacts

Margarita Levitova

Junior Event Manager

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