Impressions of CharIN Testival EUROPE 2021

Thank you to all the experts tackling the newest challenges of e-mobility and for making the CharIN Testival EUROPE 2021 such a success! It was a pleasure to have you all at the CharIN Testival Europe at comemso GmbH.

With this amazing community these three days (September 28-30, 2021) passed in a blink of an eye. Thank you for the talks, the testing, the enthusiasm, the innovation, the will to improve interoperability, the EVs, the EVSEs, the test systems and the empowerment of the next level of e-mobility.

Here we have compiled a selection of pictures of the event. If you should need exemplary some photographs in print resolution, please contact us. All photographs belong to CharIN e.V. – please name the copyright reference when publishing: © CharIN Testival 2021, Author: Cindy Plischke (innos GmbH)

Ariane Müller

Event Manager

Cindy Plischke

Communication Designer