SMMT Electrified 2023

Our Chairman Claas Bracklo is panel speaker at this years SMMT Electrified 2023 taking place in London, UK.

With less than seven years to go before the UK’s end-of-sale deadline for new petrol and diesel cars and vans, the race is now on to ensure the UK is an exemplar EV market and a manufacturer with a world-class network of charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure and a competitive EV supply chain and industrial base by 2030.

As the pre-eminent UK event on the electrification of road transport and following the success of its first two editions, SMMT Electrified 2023 will provide a high-profile agenda-setting platform to discuss how the industry, stakeholders and government can accelerate the transition to zero emission mobility.

The event will bring together over 400 senior representatives from the automotive industry, charging infrastructure, battery supply chain, energy, fleets, logistics, government and consumer groups. Exhibition and branding opportunities are available.

Three keynote speakers for 2023 will be attending this event, alongside panel sessions and speakers including senior executives from vehicle manufacturers, policy makers and a host of experts from the automotive and aligned industries.

One of the panel speakers will be CharIN Chairman Claas Bracklo.

Event Info

Date: 09/18/2023 – 09/18/2023
Location: London, UK

Event contacts

Annika Vüllers

Project Manager

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