New Zealand Electro Mobility Summit 2023 in Auckland

The New Zealand Electro Mobility Summit explored the growing role of EVs, e-mobility and other lower emissions fuel technologies in supporting the delivery of transport, logistics and fleet decarbonisation.

The summit examined recent and upcoming government policies such as the Clean Car Discount, new vehicles coming into Aotearoa and how our behaviour must adapt if we are going to get the most out of electric vehicles.


  • How barriers of entry for acquiring EVs can improve 
  • What is needed from charging infrastructure to ensure it can meet the needs of electric fleets 
  • Assessing all the options for decarbonised transport including FCEVs 
  • The latest from manufacturers on vehicles for a wide range of business requirements
  • Exhibits from leading EV manufacturers, charging infrastructure and more 

On September 05, at 11:45 AM, our CharIN Ambassador Liz Yeaman will have a Keynote on the topic 'Establishing a global charging standard' including the following contents:

  • Working with CharIN to promote an internatinal charging standard
  • Exploring the new features of the MegaWatt charging system for heavy vehicles, ferries, and aircraft
  • Introducing bi.directional charging, Plug&Charge and other charging innovations
  • Engaging with CharIN to Share experience and expertise

Event Info

Date: 09/05/2023 – 09/06/2023
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Event contacts

Felina Kallbach

Project Manager

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