Hybrid Testival

For CCS to thrive on a global scale, achieving and demonstrating perfect interoperability between all CCS-equipped vehicles and CCS chargers is of paramount importance - It´s all about testing!

As members of a global community, CharIN e.V. has the responsibility to protect the welfare and health of all involved.

Based on the latest developments of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), various travel restrictions from member companies and the worries expressed by our members, we decided to amend our testival dates to provide the best possible conditions for a successful implementation of our event weeks.

The Combined Charging System (CCS) is a universal charging solution that enables EV fast charging, as well as integration of EVs into the broader electrical grid. CharIN’s mission is to establish CCS as the global standard for charging all kinds of electric vehicles.

For CCS to thrive on a global scale, achieving and demonstrating perfect interoperability between all CCS-equipped vehicles and CCS chargers is of paramount importance. Testivals play a major role in executing this goal.

The Testivals will take place in North America, Europe and Asia, beginning with the Testival Europe in April 2021. CharIN members will continue to tackle technical challenges that arise from a variety of implementations, individual use cases, and requirements.

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CharIN Testival 2019 (Arnhem, Netherlands)

Testival EUROPE

08-10 June 2021
Host: comemso GmbH
Ostfildern/Stuttgart (Germany)

At the CharIN Testival Europe 2021 at Ostfildern, Germany, companies from all over the world are invited to gather for interoperability testing. It is planned as an in-person event for testers which will seriously consider all official requirements with regards to the existing Corona hygiene.

Then, simultaneously to the test event, a special Testival Edition will take you on a live tour around the comemso location and the Testival itself. Take a glimpse at the test runs, listen to live interviews with experts from the e-mobility world, and attend a panel discussion with relevant stakeholders. Interested parties from all over the world are welcome to dial in and to participate online in the on-site activities via broadcast.

Testival ASIA

7-9 September 2021
Host: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institut (KERI)
Ansan-Si (South Korea)


16-18 November 2021
Host: Lucid Motors
Newark (California, USA)

Ariane Müller

Event Manager

Our upcoming Testivals will unite companies and technology experts from all across the Smart Charging community. Experts in all areas of EV technology will conduct conformance and interoperability tests involving electric vehicles, charging infrastructures, electric control units (ECUs), and communication controllers.

These hands-on events where experts implement, support, and test interoperability.

  • Join the CharIN Testivals as tester or observer

  • Meet international technology experts in smart charging communication

  • Network during the Testival days or our evening event

Thank you for your continuous support, we welcome you to already save the new dates in your calendar.

The CharIN team looks forward to seeing you!