Chairman Claas Bracklo speaks @ EV Charging & Energy Supply 2021 (April 27/28) Conference

Conference on global views from OEMs, CPOs, Utilities, EVSEs and Standardization Committees

Topic: "Advanced, Megawatt Charging & Plug in Charge"

Day one: Tuesday, 27th April, 2021 | 08.00 am (EST) / 02.00 pm (CET)

Fast, megwatt charging is becoming very pertinent as we see more long range EVs becoming available. 

  • High Power charging for long range EVs, Megawatt charging as enabler for long haul truck transport

  • Services of a cross industry association supporting customer needs and enabling business opportunities

  • Examples of industry efforts

  • Benefits of intelligent Grid integration

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Event Info

Date: 04/27/2021 – 04/28/2021
Location: Online

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