Academy Training:
Communication for Charging Systems:
Session 4 – ISO 15118: Introduction to High-Level Communication

Tuesday, March 30, 2023

04:00 pm to 07:00 pm CET (remote training)


This part of the training gives an insight of the ISO 15118 specific protocol stack, starting with the physical layer. Standard OSI Layer 2-4 processing is described in the Ethernet Basics module.

It introduces the high-level communication and explains the fundamental tasks of all protocols with their complex relationships.

The key to understanding is knowing why are things done as specified.


  • OSI Layers and ISO 15118 Protocol Stack
  • HomePlug Green PHY
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Transfer Protocol
  • SECC Discovery Protocol(SDP), TCP and TLS Connection Set Up
  • Efficient XML Interchange (EXI)
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Messages

Work status - subject to change without notice. Time Zone: CET.

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Date: 03/30/2023 – 03/30/2023
Location: Online

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