Academy Training:
Communication for Charging Systems:
Advanced Features of ISO 15118: Plug and Charge

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

04:00 pm to 08:00 pm CET (remote training)


In this course, you will get a deeper insight into the charging communication, specifically for Plug-and-Charge (PnC). For advanced features, such as PnC, many Cyber Security Functions are being used. You will get introduced to the most important security topics, e.g. TLS, Certificates, Signatures. For PnC you will gain a good overview of stakeholders and their specific task allowing a smooth, user-friendly charging process. 

Additionally, Value Added Services (VAS) and optimized charging by getting detailed Sales Tariff information will be covered. 


  • Combined Charging System 2.0 Advanced Features
  • Short overview of High-Level Communication and ISO 15118 Protocol Stack
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Transfer Protocol over TCP and TLS
  • Basics of Security
  • SECC Discovery Protocol (SDP), TCP and TLS Connection Set Up
  • Certificates and Publik Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Power Schedules and Sales Tariff Information
  • Value Added Service
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Message Sequence

Work status - subject to change without notice. Time Zone: CET.

Event Info

Date: 03/05/2024 – 03/05/2024
Location: Online

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Margarita Levitova

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