CharIN Tuesday EUROPE Triplet

Part 2:
eMobility Across the EU
A Union, How Divided?

Or How to Ensure a Coherent Development

There is ongoing strong interest to understand how best emobility uptake in Central and Eastern Europe is progressing and what needs to be done. Indeed, this was one main theme in the EVS35 Regulatory panels and one of the H1 2022 CharIN Tuesdays.

With a view on building on the conclusions of the previous CharIN Tuesday regarding regulatory sufficiency, the main idea here is to understand

  1. how divided the EU remains to be in e-mobility uptake,
  2. how this can be further changed,
  3. what progress there has been to date, and
  4. what can be done from a regulatory perspective

Speakers here will include industry representatives (with a regulatory and market perspective) and the European Commission.

It will be especially on interest to get industry speakers that can cover the remaining “four corners” of Europe.

(This event already took place)

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Event recording

Event Info

Date: 11/08/2022 – 11/08/2022
Location: Online

Meet the Community


János Ungár

János Ungár

CEO, e-Mobility Solutions

Aleksandra Klenke

Aleksandra Klenke

Policy Officer, European Commission

Jorge Soria Galvarro

Jorge Soria Galvarro

Senior Technical Adviser, Charging & Power Distribution System, Scania CV AB


Glenn Cezanne

Glenn Cezanne

Head of Public Affairs, EU, CharIN e.V.

Event contacts

Glenn Cezanne

Head of Public Affairs EU

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