CharIN Tuesday EUROPE Triplet 2022 - Part 3

HDVs – The Driver for eMobility?

Following the first two CharIN Tuesdays, and the H1 2022 CharIN Tuesday focused on MCS, it is of interest to highlight the importance of HDVs as a driver for emobility across Europe. For example, it was previously discussed how HDVs could be the “work-horse” element which erodes at the perception of electric cars being “rich persons’ toys”. Furthermore, it is of interest to highlight how aviation, mining, maritime, agriculture, all would and could benefit from electric charging with MCS being a key element thereto. Indeed, this would bring an added cross-industry value to stakeholders. Speakers would include: Upcoming Swedish Presidency, European Commission, industry stakeholders from maritime, mining, aviation and agriculture.

Event Info

Date: 12/13/2022 – 12/13/2022
Location: Online

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Glenn Cezanne

Head of Public Affairs EU

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