Plug & Charge End-to-End Testing at the CharIN Testival II and Conference EUROPE 2023

In cooperation with HUBJECT

Date: October 24 - 27, 2023

Location: Valencia, Spain
Host: Power Electronics

In cooperation with our technology partner:

CharIN has extended the scope of the Testival with an additional testing option. Together with our technology partner Hubject, we offer the possibility to perform Plug & Charge end-to-end testing.

What does this mean?

In addition to the Plug & Charge Conformance Testing as part of the standard Testival ticket, you can test the interoperability of Plug & Charge under real conditions. Hubject provides a CPO backend, an eMSP service and a Plug & Charge ecosystem. The CPO Backend and the eMSP Service are connected to the Plug & Charge Ecosystem and participating EVSEs can connect to the CPO Backend via OCPP.

With this Testival setup you can perform the following tests (good and bad cases)


EVSE Leaf Certificate installation via OCPP

V2G / MO Root Certificate installation via OCPP


Installation of Contract Certificate over the air via OEM Telematics Backend (optional)

Installation of Contract Certificate via EVSE – CPO Backend – Plug & Charge Ecosystem

EV – EVSE – CPO Backend – Plug & Charge Ecosystem

Contract Authentication (TLS)

Contract Authorization

Depending on the availability of the test participants and the characteristics of their product implementations (EV, EVSE, test system), there are three test options:

EVSE <-> EV If there are EV’s and EVSE’s that fully support Plug & Charge and at least one side has already performed a conformance test, the EV and EVSE can test together.

EVSE <-> Emulator as EV reference implementation for the case the EV does not support Plug & Charge in conformance with the standard.

EV <-> Emulator as EVSE reference implementation in case the EVSE does not support Plug & Charge in conformance with the standard.

All tests are supported on-site by Hubject Plug & Charge experts. In addition to the tests at the Testival, the PnC End-to-End Test package includes a pre-check of the products to be tested. The Hubject experts will assist you in preparing the EV or EVSE for testing for up to 4 hours.

The Plug & Charge End-to-End Test Package will be offered for €2,500 (in addition to the standard Testival ticket) and is available until October 11th.