Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about the CharIN Testival Europe II 2023.

Venue & Shipping Address

Power Electronics  

Polígono Industrial Pla de Carrases,  

CV-35 Salida 30 

46160 Llíria, Valencia, Spain 

The Testival will take place outside underneath tents and set up is possible starting Monday the 23rd of October.

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery & Return

The freight must be packed for shipment by your shipping company and/or your company. 

Delivery Date

18th - 20th October 2023  

7 a.m. – 8 p.m. 

Return transport 

The latest pickup date for your freight is 3rd November (Please Note: November 1st is a National Holiday)

Later pickup will incur a storage fee in an amount to be determined


Borja Ubeda +34 603448668


Irene Vazquez de Prada + 34 661768211 


Set up & storage 

The set-up day will be on 24.10. 2023 from 10:00 am - 05:00 pm. 

Installing your equipment can only be done supervised by a Power Electronics specialists. 

 Please note that CharIN/Power Electronics cannot deal with the practical paperwork to import and local transport of the goods to their consignment area. All paperwork, local shipment, and local fees for importing and if needed, re -exporting the materials should be handled by your shipping company and/or your company. 

If you would like to re-export materials, please make sure to ask for a temporary import so it can easily be sent back. 

Parking lot  

Outside of the venue, located at Polígono Industrial Pla de Carrases, you can find a parking lot for vehicles that you don’t need for the testing procedures.  

Global Call 

17.10.2023 10:00 - 11:00 am CEST

Equipment of the test stations 

Technical questions for the testing procedure will be discussed on our “Global Call”. Please send your technical requirements upfront. 


Testing schedule 

After the technical pairing of Keysight, an agenda will be announced in the "Global Call". 

Important Documents

Video footage, interviews & Photography Rules

Video footage will be created on the site: A highlights film will be created for marketing purposes afterwards. We kindly ask all testers to complete and sign the user agreement until 15.10.2023 (to be filled in by one company representative only).  

Safety Instructions & User Agreement 

CharIN needs the forms "Safety Instructions" & “User Agreement” signed and returned by 15.10.2023 (to be filled in by one company representative only). 

Evening events 

In the evenings of 24.10.2023, 25.10.2023 and 26.10.2023 there will be evening events organized and all testers are warmly invited. For more details visit our website.


Testers are obliged to take out own liability insurance for personal injury and property damage of EURO 5million. The conclusion of such an insurance policy must be proven to CharIN Academy GmbH upon request.  

Summary of all deadlines 

15.10.2023 Safety Instructions signed and returned (to be filled in by one company representative only). User Agreement (to be filled in by one company representative only) 

17.10.2023 Global Call 

18.10.2023 Earliest delivery date  

03.11.2023 Latest pickup date 


Christina Friebe

Senior Event Manager