ChargeX Prescribed Testing

In cooperation with ChargeX

Date: June 12 - 14, 2024

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA
Host: Lincoln Electric

Join CharIn's Optional Prescribed Testing Sessions!

CharIN, in collaboration with ChargeX Consortium, is proud to support the charging industry by developing and providing a standard set of interoperability test cases. As part of the upcoming CharIN Testival NORTH AMERICA, a select subset of these testing cases will be implemented. Participants have the exclusive opportunity to engage in prescribed testing sessions, with incentives to those who choose to take part.

Prescribed Testing Outline:

  • Scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, prescribed testing sessions offer targeted opportunities geared toward Plug & Charge.
  • Each session will allocate a maximum of 30 minutes to prescribed testing, allowing participants an additional 60 minutes for ad-hoc testing within the timeslot.
  • Moderated by ChargeX national lab engineers, these sessions ensure efficient handling of results data, alleviating participants from the burden of result submissions.
  • Access to the draft version of the test plan is available here.

Benefits of Enrolling in Prescribed Testing:

  1. Cash rebate for participation in the June Testival or equivalent cash value redeemable as a future CharIN Testival discount ($2,000 provided upon successful completion of activities)
  2. Guarantee of a uniform testing approach for Plug & Charge evaluation, fostering collaboration with multiple industry counterparts.
  3. Participation in a first of its kind ChargeX/CharIN coordinated prescribed testing process with testing processes influenced by industry/participants.

Data Utilization Plan:

The moderated data gathering for the prescribed testing serves a dual purpose. Firstly, the ChargeX and CharIN teams aim to collect testing feedback to assess the effectiveness of the developed test cases and event structure. Additionally, the teams seek to gather testing results to gain insights into progress on charging technology advancements and to identify common problems so that the ChargeX Consortium can collectively address them through future activities.

The moderated data gathering would allow ChargeX and CharIN to assess the effectiveness of performing prescribed test cases within the event structure. It would further provide insights into the advancements of charging technology while allowing future activities to address common problems that may arise.

ChargeX intends to compile a comprehensive results report focusing on prescribed testing usability, outcomes, and testing results. All data will be anonymized, providing a broad overview of the state of testing within the industry and recommendations for improvement. It is acknowledged that participants will be testing pre-production versions of hardware and software during this event and results may not be indicative of real-world EV charging maturity.

Join us in shaping the future of charging technology at the CharIN Testival NORTH AMERICA's prescribed testing sessions!

You can indicate your interest in the technical registration survey. This has been sent out to all testers.

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