General Information CharIN Testival & Conference Europe 2024 - Poland

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about the CharIN Testival & Conference EUROPE 2024 in Poland.

Info Testival


Ekoenergetyka – Polska S.A.

Nowy Kisielin
Rozwojowa 7A
66-002 Zielona Góra (Poland)

Parking Lot

Next to the venue, located at Nowy Kisielin - ul. Rozwojowa 10 (near the kindergarten), you can find a parking lot for vehicles that you don’t need for the testing procedures.

Shipping & Delivery

Address / Contact

Shipping Address

Ekoenergetyka Polska S.A.
Panattoni Europre budynek nr 1
Brama T5
ul. Innowacyjna 1
66-002 Zielona Góra (Poland)

Recipient - Warehouse employee on call:

Damian Kozinoga
Tel. +48 507 285 411

Event: CharIN Testival & Conference EUROPE
Sender: Company (please fill out)

Delivery Date(s)

Shipping Window

  • The earliest delivery date is 06.05.2024
  • DATE Delivery possible 7:00 am till 3:00 pm

Please be informed, that delivery outside the indicated time and days will not be possible.

Set up and Storage

The set-up day will be on 04.06.2024 from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Each tester will be assigned a space on ground floor level. There, their delivered cargo will be deposited until the setup day.

On the setup day, each tester can unpack their freight at the storage place assigned to them (will not be unpacked by Ekoenergetyka!) and, if necessary, have it transported to their test slot with the help of a forklift (operated by Ekonerergetyka).

Packing material, which is needed again for the return transport, can remain at the assigned storage location.

The forklift will be available on every day 07:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Return Transport

The latest pickup date for your freight is 21.06.2024 (later pickup will incur a storage fee in an amount to be determined).

The freight must be packed for shipment by your shipping company and/or your company.

Technical Call

The Testival Briefing took place on the 22nd of May 2024. During the call our partner Keysight answered all open technical questions.

Important Documents for Testers

Safety Instructions & User Agreement

CharIN needs the forms "Safety Instructions" & “User Agreement” signed and returned by May 21st (to be filled in by one company representative only). Please send the documents to this email address:

Iohanna Vater

Head of Events & Communication

Marie Schmidt

Junior Event Managerin