One Office in each Key Region.

The purpose of the CharIN association is the worldwide promotion and support of the Combined Charging System.

In this connection the limits drawn by antitrust laws are to be observed by all members.

Our regional activities:

  • Representing CharIN with local offices as direct contact for members and interested people
  • Replying to all kind of questions about charging
  • Organizing conferences, workshops and networking meetings in defined key regions
  • Exchanging on a regular basis with our members in each key region by conference calls and Face to Face meetings
  • Participating in regional events and trade shows around charging
  • Promoting and supporting CCS related interests of members towards national standards and local, governmental decisions
CharIN Head Office (Berlin, Germany)
CharIN Office North America (Washington D.C., USA)
CharIN Office Asia (Hong Kong, China)
CharIN Office Middle East (Dubai, UAE)

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