Total is a regular member of CharIN.

As a major player in mobility and energy, present across the entire value chain, Total contributes to the development of electric mobility on a large scale by offering its customers simple and comprehensive solutions for a seamless charging service.

About Total

Backed by its customer base, its network and the breadth of its products and services, Total is promoting the development of large-scale electric mobility by investing significantly and deploying charging infrastructures for electric vehicles.

Total offers its customers integrated, turnkey solutions, from supplying low-carbon energy to operating the charging service, and reinvents its distribution model, with installations operated at home, at the workplace and on the road. Through the EV Charge division, its expertise center on e-mobility, the Group conceives and operates charging solutions for municipalities, businesses or individuals to meet with customers’ needs in the most comprehensive way.

Total became CharIN member on 06/06/2018.

Total contacts

Virginie Agra

Marketing Director

Lionel Causse

Solutions Development Director

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